domingo, 5 de febrero de 2012

Shared Dreams / Sueños Compartidos

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  1. La realidad que nos rodea, buen robado y con toda la fuerza del blanco y negro. Buen domingo. Un saludo.

  2. Gracias Yolanda, igualmente.

  3. In France at the moment it is very very cold, it snows since, it's there some deaths, those at whom we do not dare to look. In our countries or saying rich, there are regrettably people who still sleep under bridges.It is just inadmissible. Even shocking! I understand certain movement in Europe as indignés.sarkosy in 2007 had said in his promises that there would be no more homeless but there is more and more death in winter as in summer .it needs not to hesitate to give, to offer a smile, an euro, a coffee,a cigarette because these people there belong before all men quite as to each .
    a very beautiful moving image but also a révoltante.we needs to remain brotherly and united between all!

    1. Merci beaucoup pour votre commenter Oeil

  4. such a sweet image, but sad too!

  5. la triste realidad que nos toca vivir. Buen y duro robado.

  6. Asi esta la vida ahora mismo.. y con el frio que esta haciendo ahora mismo..


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